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Refund Policy

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If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we're here to help. The below is applicable to both online and in-store purchases

Refund / replacement

Kite Eyewear will issue a full refund or replacement of goods in all instances where:

- Products are supplied damaged
- Products you have ordered are returned to Kite Eyewear as undeliverable by the postal service
- You exercise your cancellation rights and you have cancelled the Contract between us within the fourteen-day cooling-off period
- You return your purchase within 14 calendar days of purchase

A refund or replacement will be issued to you following receipt by Kite Eyewear of the returned goods. Such refund or replacement will be provided within 14 days of the date the returned goods are received.

Undeliverable items

If goods are returned to Kite Eyewear as undeliverable, you will be contacted by email for confirmation of the delivery address. If no reply is received within a reasonable period and in any event within 30 days of the receipt by Kite Eyewear of the goods, then a refund will be made within 14 days of that date. Kite Eyewear will not be responsible for re-delivery charges.

Postal charges

The customer is responsible for all postal charge for goods returned under this Returns Policy. The only exception is if the goods were delivered faulty or incorrect - If so Kite Eyewear will cover the cost of return in your refund.

Late returns

If we do not receive the returned goods within 35 days of your cancellation, we may make a charge in respect of collecting the goods. If you do not return the goods or fail to make them available for collection within 49 days of your cancellation you will be deemed to have accepted the goods. At this point, a new purchase contract will arise and you will be charged the order price for the goods.

Kite Eyewear may refuse to accept future orders from those who have made previous unsubstantiated claims for non-delivery of goods or for failure to return the goods within the times specified.


Refunds will be limited to the maximum value of the original order, including delivery charges and will only be issued against the same payment details as supplied to pay for the goods. Items sold at a discounted or sale rate do not qualify for refunds or exchanges. Kite Eyewear reserve the right to proportionately reduce the level of the refund if only some of the original quantity of products is returned, or if it is clear that some of the products have been used. In the case of goods returned under your cancellation right, these must be returned undamaged and unused to qualify for a refund.

Unfortunately, Kite Eyewear is unable to offer refunds for prescription goods, unless there is a fault with the lens.

Defective goods

Nothing within these Terms and Conditions of Purchase affect your statutory rights regarding the return of defective goods. In the event goods are supplied defective, then you should report this to Customer Service as soon as possible after discovery of the problem.

How to return your goods:

Simply email support@kiteeyewear.com with the following information:

1) Name  
2) Order ID
3) Online purchase or In-store Purchase
4) Order Date

We'll then respond with the next steps.

Contact us

If you have any questions on how to return your item to us, contact us.

Kite Preffered
Explanation of terms used

In these conditions governed by English law, ‘the contract’ means these conditions and the contract you have signed; ‘KITE means Kite Eyewear in the contract form; ‘Kite Preferred Program’ means Kite Eyewear Partnership plan and ‘new spectacles’ means a new frame and two new lenses.

Services to which you are entitled

The contract entitles you to receive all the services normally provided by Kite Eyewear while providing you with his or her ongoing professional eyecare service.  This normally will include at least one eye examination in each year and all the additional advice and care you need or require, within the scope of the services offered, to help maintain the health of your eyes.

Services provided by another optical practitioner

Your entitlement under the contract is with Kite Eyewear alone.  If Kite Eyewear arranges for a colleague at another practice, during temporary absence, to provide eyecare services on his or her behalf, this will be covered by the contract.  However, if you are referred for specialist examination or treatment to another practitioner who provides services independently of Kite Eyewear, that will not be covered by the contract, and you will be responsible for the other practitioner’s fees.

Kite Preferred Plan entitlement

When joining the Kite Preferred plan, you are entitled to receive the eyecare services described in clause 2 above and additionally you are entitled to new spectacles every 12 months. You and Kite Eyewear specifically agree, uniquely to the Kite Preferred Program, that there are two distinct and separate parts to your subscription sum.  One part which pays for the provision of Kite Eyewear’s services described in clause 2 above, the other part which pays for the provision of the spectacles, and you agree they are individually valued as described by Kite Eyewear on the Kite Preferred Program registration form.

Kite Preferred Program Accidental Damage Plan

On becoming entitled to services under the contract you also become entitled (if included in your plan) to cover under the KITE Accidental Damage Plan.  The plan covers accidental damage to all new spectacles you purchase whilst this contract is in force and is subject to terms and conditions which the Kite Preferred Program may vary from time to time without notice.  Each pair of new spectacles you purchase is covered under the plan for a fixed period starting on the date of purchase.  All claims are subject to the Kite Preferred Program’s agreement and a small excess charge.  Except as mentioned in clause 12, this plan continues, until the contract comes to an end.

The current terms and conditions of the Accidental Damage Plan are normally available from Kite Eyewear’s practice.

1) Words with special meanings - Accidental damage means visible damage which has not been caused on purpose and is not neglect or general wear and tear. Excess charge means the first part of any claim which you must pay. New spectacles mean a new spectacle frame and two new lenses. Kite Eyewear Preferred Program will be abbreviated to ‘Kite Preferred’.

2) General conditions - This scheme provides accidental damage cover for all new spectacles purchased from Kite Eyewear whilst a member of the Kite Preferred Plan that includes accidental damage cover. Your cover normally lasts for one year or two years from the date of purchase of each pair of new spectacles depending on the recall date of the member's sight test. Should you have lenses with new powers fitted within the two-year period then the cover will continue for the time remaining. A claim will not be processed before you have made your first payment as an Kite Preferred member. Spectacles purchased before becoming a Kite Preferred member are not covered. Cover ends immediately on termination of your Kite Preferred membership.

3) Claims - Claims must be submitted within three months of the accident. Kite Eyewear will need to be satisfied that the damage is accidental and not some other cause such as general wear and tear, for example:

- A non-specifically scratched lens is normally due to general wear and tear.
- Lenses scratched whilst being cleaned with a dirty cloth is neglect not accidental damage.
- Spectacles damaged through being placed in a case contaminated with sand or grit etc is neglect.
- Spectacles crushed in a pocket etc when not in their case is neglect.

Where a replacement pair of spectacles is required, they must be an exact duplicate where possible. In the event of a frame or lenses being discontinued then the replacement must be for a frame or lenses of exact net cost. Upgrades are not permitted under the scheme and lens powers must remain the same. Kite Eyewear will need to retain any damaged spectacle parts for inspection by Kite Eyewear’s Claims Assessors. An adverse claims record will affect your monthly Kite Preferred payments. On processing a claim Kite Eyewear may impose special conditions on future claims you make.

4) Disputes - Should a dispute arise then the Kite Eyewear’s decision will be final.

5) Changes -Kite Preferred reserves the right to change the scheme and its conditions without notice. Copies of the latest version are available from www.kiteeyewear.com


You must pay the monthly fee to Go Cardless as a collecting agent for Kite Shoreditch.  Any other amounts due to Kite Eyewear are payable directly.  Your liability to pay the monthly fee continues until the contract is ended in accordance with these conditions; and no refund of the fee will be allowed except in the case of administrative error.

Referral Incentives

Kite Eyewear will allow you a pre-agreed discount from any initial registration charge and monthly fee that are applicable to you and your plan under Kite Eyewear’s discount terms published from time to time.

Alteration of monthly fee

The monthly fee may be altered by Kite Eyewear at any time, but you must be given at least two weeks’ notice of any increase.  The net amount payable each month will also change according to any variation in discount available to you.

Direct debit/card payment changes

Following a decrease of monthly fee or variation in the discount available to you, your Direct Debit will be changed immediately.  When you are given notice of an increase in monthly fee your Direct Debit/card payment will be changed at the end of the notice period unless in the meanwhile you end the contract.

Your responsibilities

You must keep appointments made with Kite Eyewear and pay any ‘missed appointment’ fee reasonably charged should you fail to do so.  You must also attend Kite Eyewear when requested for regular examination under your entitlement in the contract and promptly inform him or her of any injury, problem with your ocular health or spectacles/contact lenses, or any other material matter affecting you; and if you fail to do any of this you will be liable to pay any fee reasonably charged which would otherwise have been avoided.

Ending the contract

All plans have a minimum subscription period of 18 months with the exception of Kite Preferred Plan which is 12 months.  

You may end your contract on expiry of the minimum subscription period or 6 months after your last routine eye examination whichever the greater.  You will first need to pay any outstanding sums due to Kite Eyewear and then give not less than 21 days’ notice expiring on the last day of a month.

However, each time you order new spectacles under the Preferred plan your monthly payment will be reconfirmed, this may take account of the value of the new spectacles chosen, and a new minimum subscription period of 12 months will then start.

Kite Eyewear may end your contract by giving you notice expiring on the last day of a month after two months.


For all plans other than Kite Preferred Preferred Program if the monthly fee is unpaid one month after it is due, Kite Eyewear may end the contract immediately by giving you written notice to that effect, however you will still be liable for all sums outstanding to Kite Eyewear.

Under the Kite Preferred Preferred plan if you do not pay any one of the 12 monthly payments Kite Eyewear reserves the right to immediately cancel your Kite Preferred Program Complete membership.  Cancellation of a Complete contract means the total of the monthly amounts remaining within the minimum subscription period will become immediately due together with a penalty of £50.00 and all costs incurred in recovering the outstanding balance from you.

Non-payment of any plan fee immediately cancels any applicable Accidental Damage Plan cover.

Variation of conditions

These conditions may be varied by Kite Preferred Program from time to time.  The latest conditions are available from www.kiteeywear.com

Contract not transferable

The contract being with Kite Eyewear alone, may not be transferred to another optical establishment.

Services outside the contract

Nothing in the contract prevents you and Kite Eyewear agreeing that he or she will provide services outside your entitlement under the contract.  You will be responsible for paying for such services.


Any notice given by Kite Eyewear under these conditions is valid if any member of staff gives it to you on Kite Eyewear’s behalf.