Lifestyle 4 by HOYA

Premium Varifocal Lenses

Experience the latest in vision technology with our next-gen progressive lenses that adapt to your lifestyle, rather than dictating it. Starting at just £375 with additional thinning and options available. Available exclusively at Kite Eyewear Shoreditch.

Personalised to your Lifestyle

Lifestyle 4 lenses are personalised to meet the specific visual needs of your lifestyle. Whether you spend a lot of time driving, reading, or using digital devices, these lenses can be customised to provide clear and comfortable vision for your daily activities.

Seemless Adaptation

Experience smooth and seamless transitions between different visual zones, allowing for easy and comfortable viewing at any distance. This is achieved through the use of advanced optics and design technologies that optimise visual performance.

iD MySelf by HOYA

Individual Varifocal Lenses

Welcome to the pinnacle of varifocal lenses, tailored just for you. For a limited time starting at just £500 with additional thinning and options available. Available exclusively at Kite Eyewear Shoreditch.

A Lens as Unique as You

Experience the next level of personalised vision with iD MySelf lenses. HOYA's unique algorithm takes into account your individual facial features, prescription, and visual behavior to create a lens that provides optimal vision at all distances. Whether you're reading a book, using a computer, or looking into the distance, MySelf lenses deliver unparalleled clarity and comfort.

Award Winning Technology

New AdaptEase Technology provides seamless transitions between near, intermediate, and far distances. This improves visual width and gaze transition for near and intermediate vision without compromising far vision. With MySelf lenses, wearers can effortlessly switch between using digital devices and engaging in outdoor activities, enjoying clear vision at every distance.

Experience Unparalleled Vision with HOYA iD MySelf

High Street Varifocal Lenses

iD MySelf


iD MySelf


What's Included?


Extend lens lifespan with our anti-scratch coating for clear and comfortable vision.


Eliminate glare and enhance visual comfort in any lighting situation.

UV Protection

Get protection from harmful UV rays in all instances including optical.


Anti-fog that repels water and moisture for clear vision in all conditions.


Prevent fingerprints and smudges for crystal-clear vision all day.

2 Year Guarantee

Have peace of mind as our lenses backed by our 732 day guarantee

Thinning Options

Specialise your lenses for better comfort and weight for all prescriptions.

Expert Service

Our team is always on standby should you have any questions or concerns.

Additional Options

Blue Protect

Protect your eyes against the harmful light emitted by digital screens, helping to reduce eye strain and improve visual comfort.

Light Reactive

Enjoy the convenience and versatility of our Sensity lenses that adjust to changing lighting conditions for the perfect tint in any situation.

Custom Tints

Customize your sunnies with our range of prescription tints, available in a variety of colors and shades, so you can express your unique style.


Experience exceptional visual clarity and protection from glare with our polarized lenses, perfect for outdoor activities and everyday wear.

Need A Lens Consultation?

Book a complimentary lens consultation at Kite Shoreditch to speak with our trained team of optical professionals who will guide you on your visual journey.